How to Transition to a Green Beauty Routine

How to Transition to a Green Beauty RoutineHappy Earth Month! I'd like to share how I got started on my green beauty journey and why I decided to transition my conventional makeup and skincare products for natural products.

During the past summer, I started breaking out a lot so I looked into products that would fight my acne but realized that I should be looking into products I'm currently using and seeing if they were causing my breakouts. I found out that majority of the conventional products I was using contained silicone and talc, both of which clogs the pores. So the root of my acne flare-up was due to the toxic fillers used in conventional beauty products and I wanted to end it once and for all.

Why use natural products?
1. The body absorbs about 60% of what you apply to your skin, into the bloodstream. Conventional beauty products the average person uses contains tons of hazardous, synthetic ingredients that alter your hormones and damage your cells.

2. The skin is the largest organ of the body. Start by transitioning your body lotions, shower gels, or whatever you use on a daily basis that covers a bigger amount of space.

3. Natural products contain little to no hazardous fillers, rather, they are full of nourishing ingredients. No fakes but just as effective, if not more, than conventional products.

4. Natural products tend to be more ethical. There's no need for animal testing since the products do not contain chemicals. Most green beauty brands are environ
mentally conscious, as well.

How do I get started?
1. Visit green beauty bloggers or vloggers. I started searching online and on YouTube about natural makeup and came across some inspirational blogs and YouTubers. It's a great way to become aware of popular green beauty brands and what they offer. Here are the most influential bloggers/YouTubers I follow:
2. Do your research. Get ideas of what types of products you're looking for from blogs and YouTube videos. EWG is a useful website to understand the toxicity or cleanliness of the products.

3. Familiarize yourself with the ingredients list. I avoid products that contain silicone, artificial dyes, and preservatives such as phenoxyethanol.

4. Shop online or in-stores. Wholefoods, Sprouts, Urban Outfitters, and other retailers carry natural products in-stores. I enjoy shopping at Wholefoods the most since they offer a wide variety of brands and price points. There's not many all-natural beauty shops around here but I visit The Detox Market in LA once in a while. Green products easily accessible online and here are some of my favorite websites:
  • 100% Pure. Free shipping and free returns. 20% off with the referral link ;)!
  • Pharmaca. Free shipping over $35. Offers a good amount of brands, but not all are completely natural.
  • Petit Vour. Free shipping over $50. Offers a huge amount of vegan brands, not just makeup and skincare.
  • Silk Naturals. Very affordable. Best known for their lipsticks, eyeshadows, and highlighters. Some lip products contain FD&C dyes.
5. Order samples. You can order samples from Spirit Beauty Lounge; they offer green luxury brands.

6. Slowly replace your used products for clean options. Once you're done using up a bottle of conventional cleanser, for example, purchase a clean, natural cleanser. That way you can avoid stressing yourself out!

7. Have fun! Transitioning into a cleaner beauty routine is definitely a journey. Just take your time and understand what your skin needs. Good luck!

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