Hurraw! Lip Balm Review

hurraw lip balm
Hey everyone! It's been a while but I'm back with another product review. I personally love to use Hurraw! lip balms every single day and night. They are seriously so moisturizing and perfectly shaped. Also, the ingredients are very clean, vegan, and some ingredients are raw and cold-pressed.
hurraw lip balm swatches
Swatches from left to right: Moon Balm, Black Cherry, Unscented
hurraw lip balm
The Unscented lip balm provides a good amount of moisture to the lips and also adds a lot of shine (too shiny for men). This is a perfect conditioner for the lips for either day or night. There is a slight castor oil scent to it which kind of bothers me so I prefer the Black Cherry and Moon Balm over this.

hurraw lip balm
 The Black Cherry lip balm provides a very, very sheer red tint on the lips and has a light cherry flavor with it. This also adds a lot of shine to the lips and could look like a gloss if you apply more. I have two of these: one for my daily purse and one for my backpack.

hurraw lip balm

The Moon Balm is my favorite out of all of the lip balms I've tried for the following reasons:
1. it doesn't have a scent
2. it's moisturizing
3. it doesn't give me an oily glossy look
4. it makes my lips super soft
I always apply this before going to bed!

All of the lip balms apply smoothly and feel nice on the lips. They also keep the lips moisturized for a long period of time. The company claims their products are "not too glossy," however, the Unscented and Black Cherry are pretty glossy to me. But another claim that is true is that they don't melt if you put it in your pocket.

They offer a huge variety for very affordable prices. So far I have 3 flavors but I'm sure I will be getting more soon since I would like one with SPF and the Earl Grey flavor sounds delicious! Have you tried the Hurraw! lip balms?

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