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Silk Naturals Glow, Concealer, Blush Review Swatches hellolindasau
Today, I'm sharing my Silk Naturals makeup collection with you! This was one of the first green makeup brand that I tried out due to its vast popularity in the green beauty community and affordability! The performance of the products are impressive and pigmented.

They do offer products that are dye-free and, or vegan, so just check the ingredients if you're conscious of those. They also offer sample sizes for some items which is a great way to try out their products!

Silk Naturals Color Corrector, Concealer Swatch Review hellolindasau
L to R: Lavender Color Balancer, Brightening Concealer #2, Brightening Concealer #1
 Lavender Color Balancer
This sheer, lavender tinted powder is supposed to help cancel out yellow/orange tones like a foundation that leans too warm. I found it to be too sheer to see an effect when I wore it under my powder foundation. I didn't think this was necessary for me but I just wanted to try it out.

Brightening Concealer
I thought the powder-type concealers were going to be a good idea, however, the shades I got were too light and ended up accentuating my dark circles! I also found it to be a bit drying underneath the eyes since I wore it on top of my moisturizer and SPF. The YouTubers I watched wore it on top of their foundation or concealer and it worked out great for them. I wouldn't buy this again since I found a liquid concealer that works for me.

Silk Naturals Blush and Highlighter Glow Review Swatches folly plenty angel hellolindasau
L to R: Folly, Plenty, Angel, Sweetie, Pristine
I have two, sample-sized blushes in the shades Folly and Plenty. Folly is a purple, orchid shade with minimal shimmer. Plenty is a bright pink shade with more shimmer than Folly. Both blushes are super pigmented and since they have a bit of shimmer in it, it also doubles up as a highlighter. I want to try more of their blushes!

Highlighers and Glows
If you looking for a good, clean, and affordable highlighter, definitely try Silk Naturals first! I love all of the ones I own since they are buildable and pretty! Angel Mineral Glow is a white-toned highlighter that works perfectly for all skin tones and can be very dramatic if layered. Sweetie is peach toned and perfect for everyday wear (I reach for this the most often)! Pristine is the most natural looking since it's more golden and warm.

Silk Naturals Eyeshadow nekkid nobel parallel queen been swatches review hellolindasau

All of the eyeshadows are pigmented and wear beautifully throughout the day. As you can see, I love my neutrals and shimmers. If I want a more dramatic look, I add a bit of water to my brush to make the shadows pop. Most of their shades are dupes for conventional eyeshadows and they offer SO MANY shades! I also have two matte shades, as well. If there's one thing you should get from Silk Naturals, it would be their eyeshadow!

L to R: Nekkid, Nobel, Parallel, Reckless, Score, Queen Bee
 Nekkid is a warm, shimmery, champagne shade that looks pretty all over the lids, on the inner corner, and on the lower lash line.

Nobel is a warm, matte, nude color.

Parallel is matte, pinky, nude color that works very well on the crease. It's supposed to be a dupe for Urban Decay's Nooner from the Naked 3 palette.

Reckless is a shimmery, copper shade. I am a sucker for copper tones! I sometimes use this to line my eyes by simply adding a bit of water to my brush.

Score is a very light, shimmery, pink champagne shade that is similar to Nekkid but less warm toned. It's a good highlight shade for the inner corners and lower lash line. If you have a fairer skin tone, this would work better for the inner corners than Nekkid.

Queen Bee is a warm, shimmery but slightly glittery, copper shade.

Silk Naturals Lipsticks velvet matte garter jaybird review swatches hellolindasauLips 
I like most of Silk Natural's lip products. They were either a hit or a miss for me. I wish the packaging was nicer but I shouldn't judge by the cover! They also offer a bunch of finishes for their lippies. So far, my favorite formulation from Silk Naturals is their velvet matte lipsticks and their vegan lipsticks.
Silk Naturals Lipsticks: Canoodle, Chantilly, Garter, Jaybird, Roberta review swatches hellolindasau
L to R: Canoodle, Chantilly, Garter, Jaybird, Roberta
Canoodle, a velvet matte lipstick, is the most nourishing matte lipstick I've tried since it contains coconut oil. It's a mauve, your lips but better shade. It wears nicely throughout the day. The formula doesn't feel cakey and re-application is not a problem.

Chantilly, a slick stick, is a sheer creamy, cool-toned pink. I wanted to like this but it was too light for me! Since it's sheer and creamy and the same time, it looked uneven. It also accentuated my dry patches. This made my lips feel cakey even though it was sheer.

Garter, a velvet matte lipstick, is a mauve, your lips but better shade with plum undertones. The formula is also nourishing and wears nicely. It's a very trendy color!

Jaybird, a kisser slicker, is a slightly sheer nude color with brown tones. It also adds a nice gloss to the lips. This color doesn't suit me well so I don't reach for it often.

Roberta, a vegan lipstick, is a pinky mauve, your lips but better shade. This is just as opaque as the velvet matte lipstick formula but has leaves a slight sheen. Also, it lasts very long on the lips and makes the lips feel pillowy, not cakey.

If you're still trying to detox your beauty items, I would recommend trying out some items from Silk Naturals! If you've tried Silk Naturals, let me know what you recommend!


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  2. How does Roberta compare to Garter. It's difficult to tell by your swatches. Are they very similar in depth and tone except in the different formulas?

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