How To Instantly Calm the Mind

Happy August! Summer is almost coming to an end which means school is about to resume which also means an increased amount of stress is going to unveil. I want to share some tips I use to calm the mind, to ease anxiety, and to feel less stressed. Because stress causes breakouts, y'know!

Take deep breaths
Taking deep breaths will instantly destress and calm the mind. Inhale for about 5 seconds, hold your breath for another 5 seconds, and exhale for about 7 seconds. Repeat it as often as you would like. Closing the eyes will make it more effective!

I would consider myself a pretty anxious person, especially in social situations, so this definitely helps me out a lot.

Keep a journal
Journaling is an easy way to pour out your feelings, whether it be positive or negative. It's like ranting without judgement. Writing about strong emotions will help reduce the intensity of those emotions hence cultivate calmness and reduce stress. It's also a great way to clarify your feelings and thoughts with yourself and with others as it enables you to understand various perspectives.

I've been journaling since my first year of college since I was gifted a journal with inspirational quotes that made me excited to keep writing. If anything bugs me, journaling takes the weight off of my shoulder and instantly calms my mind.

Go for a walk
Take a walk in the neighborhood or at a park to surround yourself with the present. Listen to the sound of the birds chirping or look at the sight of the plants growing. It will help refresh the mind and allow you to be more mindful and to live in the present. If you take a brisk walk, walking at a faster pace and breathing a little heavier, it will help trigger the release of happy endorphin to encourage relaxation.

Listen to music
Listen to some relaxing songs to keep yourself calm and happy. I love listening to music and I have different playlists for different reasons. My favorite app to use is Spotify since they already created curated playlists that includes songs that fit the theme like "Atmospheric Calm."

I hope these tips will help you calm your mind and improve your well-being.

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