3 Ways I Love Using Manuka Honey

trader joes manuka honey

I never knew about the amazing benefits of Manuka Honey until my friend told me that her mom uses it as a mask. I was intrigued since her mom had youthful, radiant skin without any makeup on! I did more and more research and now I always keep a jar of Manuka Honey at home. Manuka Honey is an awesome multi-tasking product that's packed with antibacterial and soothing properties that can be applied topically or taken orally. I bought mine from Trader Joe's for under $15.

There are so many uses of Manuka Honey but here are my 3 favorite ways of using it:
1. As a facial mask
Manuka Honey has powerful antibacterial properties so it's perfect for treating acne and for reducing inflammation and redness. Additionally, it leaves the skin feeling plump, moisturized, and radiant.

Since the honey is thick, it will tug on the skin unless there's moisture. I like to wash my face with warm water and skip drying my face before using this. The honey will slide on smoothly with the water as a base. I like to leave it on for 10-15 minutes then rinse with warm water before it starts dripping. I've noticed that my pimples are less painful and my skin looks brighter.

2. As a massage cream
If I don't have time to put Manuka Honey on as a full-on wash-off mask, I like to rinse my face with warm water and apply some honey onto the palms of hands and gently massage my face with it. Just think of it was a cleanser. I do this before hopping into the shower at least two times per week. It saves time and prevents a sticky mess and the results are just as great as using it as a mask!

3. To soothe sore throat or cold
I have a really weak immune system so whenever I feel a sore throat or a cold developing, I eat a tablespoon of this stuff and drink warm water immediately. The taste is very sweet and can be hard to get used to but this stuff does wonders to soothing a sore throat!

Have you guys tried implementing Manuka Honey into your life?

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