Faux Freckle Makeup Tutorial

Happy Lunar New Year! I've always wanted to make YouTube videos for awhile now but I didn't know what kind of content I wanted to post. Since I'm done with school, I decided to go ahead and just do it before 2016 ends. This is the first time I'm officially announcing it on my blog!

Here's a makeup tutorial I created featuring non-toxic, natural beauty products! This look focuses on a simple, dewy complexion with a soft touch of freckles. I also pair it with a warm, orange lip shade that's super cute. I hope you enjoy it!

Products used:
•  14e Cosmetics Foundation, 1.5 Birch - I don't use it anymore because it contains glycerin which breaks me out
•  Hynt Beauty Concealer, Light - I don't use it anymore because it contains coconut which breaks me out
•  HAN Skincare Cosmetics Blush, Baby Pink 
•  Silk Naturals Glow, Angel 
•  100% Pure Eye Creamstick, Naked Glimmer (discontinued)
•  Nudus Lip Euphoria Lipstick, Bitter Sweet  

P.S. Super big thanks to my boyfriend for helping me with the production! I wouldn't have been able to create this without him. ♡

I'm hoping to create more videos this year! Unfortunately I'm only able to do voice overs instead of a talk-through because of the space I'm filming at. I might do a skincare video next, we'll see!

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