My Top 3 Easy, Low Maintenance House Plants

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I was first introduced to house plants through my boyfriend, Kevin, about two years ago and from there, my house plant knowledge and collection has expanded drastically. Back then, I was still in school, working two part-time jobs so I knew I could the best option was to opt for low-maintenance, easy-to-care-for indoor plants. Kevin and I spent majority of our days off at the nursery, exploring new botanical babies to add to our family.

The reason I was drawn to plants was because of the aesthetically-pleasing pop of green that it adds to my room and the air-improving qualities associated with them so here are my top 3 low maintenance house plants.

Easy Low Maintenance House Plants air plant tillandsia review hellolindasau darling magazine
Also known as tillandsia, these cute plants don't require soil (yay for no mess) and thrive off of bright light and weekly misting or bathing, depending on the environment it's in. They look great on its own or paired with an object.

My room doesn't get a lot of light since my windows are facing east so I was able to get away with misting my airplants instead of submerging it into water. I actually didn't have a good experience with the first few airplants I owned because relative to my room's lighting condition, I gave it too much water and the roots eventually began to rot—lesson learned: always make sure you adjust how you care for your plants depending on its current environment!

Kevin has a collection of 20 (and counting) which is often used as a prop in my photos. Part of his collection here.

Snake Plant
One of my very first plant babies, the snake plant releases oxygen at night, making it the perfect bedroom buddy for a better night's sleep. It filters out air pollutants like carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, benzene, and more. It's also named as NASA's top air-filtering interior botanics.

This is by far the easiest plant to care for since it survives low-light conditions and only needs watering once the soil is completely dry. I honestly only water my snake plant once every 2-3 months. Kevin has two of these guys and I barely see him water it, too.

Easy Low Maintenance House Plants golden pothos hellolindasau
Golden Pothos
Here's another indoor plant that improves air quality and looks good at the same time. The golden pothos prefers bright, indirect light and waterings when the top part of the soil is dry. It drapes as it grows so you can prune as you prefer but I personally love it when it drapes!

I would say this is probably the second hardest plant to kill (first being the snake plant) because it has a high tolerance towards extreme environments, whether it be low light or missed waterings, it will still survive!

Overall, these are my top 3 recommendations for anyone who struggle to keep plants alive. If you have suggestions for other easy-care indoor plants, let me know!


  1. Hi Linda! Thought I'd make a comment since I'm already following your blog :).

    Low-maintenance indoor plants are the best. By the time you remember about them, they're still alive and look great! The airplant looks like a great prop for pictures! I should look into getting a snake plant considering how it gives natural oxygen instead of having to pollute your room with diffusers/etc.

    I have a set of lucky bamboo and they're pretty easy to take care of. Only issue is when the tips start wilting away (you may need to do light trimming). Otherwise, they're great indoors :).

    1. Hi Nancy! :) I highly recommend the snake plant. I've seen the lucky bamboo and really like that it doesn't require any soil, just water—definitely a fan of hydroponic plants!


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