Quick Autumn Makeup Routine

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Autumn's officially here in LA but to be honest, I'm not sure how I feel about it! I'm not a huge fan of the shorter days—the sun sets between 4-5pm which means it's dark outside before I leave work. However, I am enjoying the cooler, foggy weather and the fact that I cozy up in my sweater without breaking a sweat. It's also nice to see the foliage transition into warmer tones. The red, brown, and orange autumn color palette inspired me to switch up my neutral makeup look to something more earthy and spicy.

I always start off with my good ol' trusty Vapour Atmosphere Luminous Foundation I use the shade 115, however, I did get tanner from kayaking in New Zealand a month ago so this shade is a bit light for me right now.

I use the Real Techniques Buffing Brush to pick up product from the stick foundation itself. Then, starting from the center of my face, I gently buff and blend. I repeat this on areas that need more coverage but avoid putting on too much product on the outer parts of my face—I want my foundation to look natural.

You can read my full review about the Vapour Atmosphere Luminous Foundation here.

Next, I add Au Nautrale's Pure Powder Blush in Fig to give my cheeks some life. Fig is soft peachy pink shade with hints of micro shimmer.

The application process of the new Au Naturale Powder Blushes are quite interesting: the loose powder comes in a pump dispenser. I've heard mixed reviews about the pump but I personally think it's handy! I spritz the product onto my fluffy blush brush, tap off the excess product onto the back of my hand, and tap and blend onto my cheeks.

Although not completely mess-free, the pump creates an easier application since you can control how much product to dispense. It's also travel friendly and won't spill everywhere compared to conventional loose powder packaging. I'm a fan!

Eye Primer
If I'm ever wearing eyeshadow or eyeliner, I NEED to prep my eyelids with some eyeshadow primer. I have extremely oily and watery eyes. On top of that, I have double eyelids with a good amount of fine lines—it looks like ripples in the ocean? What I'm saying is that there's a lot of room for creasing for me so I won't take any chances.

I've been testing out the Erin's Faces Eye Primer* for the past month. I like that it contains a bit of tint to brighten and fade any darkness and veins. It dries down rather quickly and leaves a matte, clean base for the eyeshadows. If you have dry skin, this primer can accentuate and cling onto the dry patches—this happened to me when I was in Apollo Bay, Australia and forgot to properly moisturize the night before. Overall, this keeps the shadow in place for most of the day. I still experience creasing and fading which I expected from a more natural eyeshadow primer.

Nu Evolution Eyeshadow in Chic, Han Skin Care Cosmetics Eyeshadow in Sunset, Silk Naturals Eyeshadow in Brandy natural organic nontoxic makeup swatches hellolindasau

Eyeshadows + Liner
It's time to bust out the warm, autumn inspired colors!

With a flat eyeshadow brush, I apply Han Skin Care Cosmetics Eyeshadow in Sunset all over the lids. Sunset is, hands down, my all-time favorite eyeshadow! Nourishing ingredients like shea butter, argan oil, and acai oil make the formula glide on like butter. Sunset is a warm, peachy champagne shade with pretty micro shimmers. I also apply this on my lower lash line to brighten up the eyes.

Next, I add some depth to the outer portion of my crease with Silk Naturals' Brandy Eyeshadow—a matte rosy mauve shade. The images on their website look more like a burnt, bright orange but it's actually a muted, rose shade.

Then I dip a flat angled brush in some water to pick up the Nu Evolution Eyeshadow in Chic*. Chic is a shimmery copper shade that reminds me oh so much of fall. I use this eyeshadow, wet, as my eyeliner! Lately, this has been my favorite, quick and easy way to define my eyes. Also, this shade combined with the Sunset eyeshadow makes my dark brown eyes pop during the daytime.

I quickly fill in my brows the the Kimiko Super Fine Eyebrow Pencil Automatique in Black Tea (not pictured). I create thin, hair-like strokes following the direction of my brow's natural growth. I brush and brush again with the spoolie on the other end to prevent my brows from looking harsh.

Okay! One last step: lipstick. To finish off the look, I chose Nu Evolution's Lipstick in Fierce, a  beautiful, deep brownish red shade from Nu Evolution because it just screams autumn! I apply a sheer layer and blend it out with my fingers for a more wearable look. Then I build up the opacity by applying more product in the center of my lips to create a Korean-inspired gradient effect.

Thanks for reading! Do you change up your makeup choices during autumn? Or is that just me?



  1. I'm not a fan autumn in LA because we're still in a heatwave and don't get enough sunlight XD. Oh man, I am not familiar with foundation but can see why people tend to avoid the sun! One tan later, you need to buy another set of foundation that matches your new skin tone @__@.

    I've been seeing a lot of Kimiko shops being opened in malls lately! Didn't know they're super popular now. I love the autumn lipstick shades because they look more natural and blends in with the season XD.

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