hellolindasau is a Los Angeles-based green beauty and lifestyle blog that introduces and explores the performance of non-toxic skincare and makeup products while offering lifestyle advice on improving personal well-being.

In late 2015, my skin began breaking out tremendously so I was exploring solutions for my blemishes and stumbled upon the green beauty world. There were many natural options out there to heal breakouts that are made of the simplest ingredients derived from earth. I started to realize that majority of the ingredients in my past makeup and skincare products were filled with toxic, pore-clogging ingredients that lead to my skin woes.

Once transitioning into a green beauty routine, people started asking me what makeup and skincare products I use, especially when I was working at a retail beauty store. I decided to create hellolindasau as a creative outlet to express my passion for clean, natural beauty products. I also rediscovered my love for photography.

Skin type: acne-prone, combination, sensitive
Skin allergies: coconut-derived ingredients, cocoa, glyercin, palm oil, and anything high in oleic acids
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